I am starting to like where Honda is headed, at least with their concepts and with this bike. But I’m not a fan of the red fender, gold stripe, or silver wheels. That’s just throwing too much at this little bike.

The red fender was way out of place here, looking as though it came off another bike.

You may think the white wheels a bit too much, but this whole colorway is about being bold and really, white’s not that much harder to clean than the light silver they were using. Plus, they just look good…when they’re clean.

Black looks better than silver too, but I wouldn’t go this conservative on this particular colorway even though I’d personally be more likely to buy it like this.

These manufacturers need to start running their colorways past me before taking them to production. Suzuki, you should have done it like this.

Not this.

An overlooked option for the 2012 the ZX-10R – Black/Silver. They should have ditched color on the upper fairing for every colorway.

Prince William guerrilla markets the latest Royal Safety Device just before getting hitched.

Original pic courtesy Hell for Leather via The Sun

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