Board Babies

The client for this project was referred to me by a local agency that handled clients larger that this startup, yet her needs were fairly substantial: logo, product illustrations, e-commerce website, and print collateral. Her concept was a twist on the ubiquitous baby on board sign — a series of signs with babies on literal boards.

The focal point of the project was the baby illustration. Everything had to revolve around it so he needed to be a likable character that could be placed in a number of situations while creating an iconic look unique to the brand. Many sketches were created with the left-most sketch being the basis for BOB as I came to know him.

a handful of early sketches

a handful of early sketches

The client had the majority of the baby/board juxtapositions already in mind when she came to C Davis Designs. For the products, it was a matter of illustration and layout on the familiar yellow rotated yellow square.

baby on board productWith the product taking shape, direction turned toward how to represent Board Babies as a company that had the potential to expand toward other products – I was a big supporter of maternity tees – so the brand might have the opportunity to expand. Naturally we went with the illustration of BOB’s face as the focal point with an old school, ’60s era typeface with an intentional offset to the fill to give it a nostalgic feel.

PrintBusiness cards were designed to help the client sell into stores…

board babies bc…and a fully functional e-commerce website was designed and implemented to sell direct. WordPress is an extremely flexible base for websites and e-commerce back ends have evolved to compliment it. In this case, both the theme and e-commerce sides come from Woo and work seamlessly together. They allow the customer to place orders by first selecting a design and then selecting the materials and sizes in the checkout area. This greatly simplifies the experience as opposed to having every possible design and material shown up front. The slide show at the front displays some selected designs Photoshopped (the first samples had not been created yet) onto stock photos of vehicles to provide greater context. The same treatment was given to each photo to create a sense of continuity.

board babies website