Fuel Shoe

We set out to create a shoe as comfortable off the bike as on it, possess ample safety features, and attract the right attention – it has succeeded. Sales numbers back it up as the Fuel shoe – 1 style – was responsible for 30% the footwear sales in stores that typically carry over 30 styles.

Fuel features include full leather upper construction, medial and lateral protection, a speed lace covering cinch strap, and finemold rubber details to grip the shifter while protecting the upper from wear.

A collection of some of the early directions for the Shift Fuel street shoe shows the thought that went into the needs of a rider. A lot of out-of-the-box thinking went into solving problems of adequate coverage in the eventual accident. This is a lot to ask of a shoe as opposed to an outright boot, but it’s far from impossible as we proved.

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