Perstorp/Arca Collapsible Tote

Eliminating handling is the best way to keep produce fresh and reduce loss. To that end, we designed a container that could hold produce in every stage of the process. The food was touched once by the picker, and last by the in-store purchaser. For this to happen, the produce and it’s container must travel to the fields, get filled and transported to a washing station, loaded onto pallets, chilled with an ice slurry, and hauled to the store for display. The container needs to be sturdy to withstand abuse in the field and the trailer, vented to allow water to drain and provide maximum airflow and attractive enough for display. But this container has yet another trick up its sleeve – it is collapsible. With a 4:1 return ratio, returning the containers back to the fields required fewer return trips than any other. This container found widespread use throughout Europe where transportation is more expensive and was a huge hit with growers and grocers alike.

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