Stryker Street Glove

The Stryker glove was an accompanying piece to the Primer jacket. Both are of all-leather construction with a very authentic look and feel. The knuckle armor is bonded to the underside of the knuckle leather.  The open-back knuckle construction allows greater freedom of movement, further aided by the spandex gussets on each side. The palms are reinforced and the forechettes are sewn with an exposed edge for greater finger comfort. Unique thumb construction derived from my experience with auto racing gloves repositions the seam so that it no longer sits between the rider’s thumb and handlebars. When it comes to glove design it’s a lot of attention to the little details that make all the difference. Combined, those details lead reviewers like Motorcycle USA to proclaim, “…the Strykers are perfect street gear for the regular commuter or weekend warrior – a versatile glove that I packed for cruiser tours, sportbike jaunts and even a dual-sport excursion.”

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