Refining Unique Cycleworks “La Permalosa”

A masterful custom that could use just a bit of reigning in

My eyes about popped out of their sockets when I saw this custom Ducati Sport Classic. As you can see, the details are absolutely amazing.
The only thing was it struck me, as it did many viewers, as being overly busy. Counting out the colors, green, cream, black, silver and red add up to about one too many for just about any bike. And while I actually like chrome, it seems to work best in limited doses. If overused it becomes hard to see the forest for the trees. I chose to cut out the red entirely. It is a small but powerful change. Secondly just a little de-chroming, by making the fender green and the swing arm black. Treating the fender as a piece of the bodywork and the swing arm as part of the frame maintains some logic and retains the balance while really calming down the back end.

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