A large design agency referred to me a client they didn’t feel was a good match for them. She was an active mom with a dream of starting her own business, producing novelty baby on board signs that would feature cartoonish babies literally on boards. She felt that she could make a fun connection between the product and the interests of parents. She also felt that people weren’t taking her seriously. I happily stepped in to help her realize her execute her vision. I created the character and all the illustrations as well as the logo and her e-commerce website all within her budget.
The logo is based on an existing font and then tweaked to work with the letter forms. The baby's face appears on all products and helps to differentiate the brand. He is quite literally the center of the brand.
The client had the idea for a majority of the board permutations which I executed with the proper attire, if any.

The e-commerce site is based on Wordpress for easy updates by the client. It features a slide show at the top, followed by featured designs. Each design is available in different materials and sizes which the customer chooses after selecting the design. This keeps the number of options low so all the designs can be viewed on the front page with minimal scrolling.
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