A previous client decided to launch his own recruitment business and approached me for his business identity, including the name. After some brainstorming sessions, the chosen name was Venari, Latin for "hunt."
The "Flying V" logo is an abstraction of a bird of prey, reflecting the "hunt" translation. A very subtle gradient adds depth and contour to the wing elements.
The same subtle gradient is repeated on the print collateral, including a bold field of red on the back of the letterhead.
As with any visual identity I create, a Graphic Standards Manual is included as part of the package. It is not uncommon for clients to request, "just a logo and a business card," but equally important to the logo is its application. The Graphic Standards Manual lays all this out for any future implementation of the logo. Including this with the logo files provides the printer or designer with the rules for logo application to ensure that it is consistent without being restrictive. Logos are a form of shorthand to communicate a brand to its audience. When used with consistency over time, it builds trust in that brand. The manual is the tool to bring about that consistency, to build that trust.
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