Not long ago I was approached by an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a great idea. He had a concept for a product that would mount your smartphone to your hand that would enable an unprecedented amount of utility. Whether you’re filming, swiping credit cards, or whatever you may do with your phone, you can have it at the ready in a number of different configurations and still have your hands free. The client is Justis Earle and his company is Hansnap. Justis recognized the experience I have with motorcycle gloves and knew that was just what he needed.
C Davis Designs partnered with Hansnap and other creatives including IDE Inc. and Gorilla Branders to elevate the concept to production-ready status.  I leaned heavily on my background to design a product that uses top quality materials, is ambidextrous, fits any size hand and virtually disappears while in use. Thoughtful touches include a breathable liner and perforated Velcro for comfort in any weather and genuine leather reinforcements for durability. All through the process I worked closely with the team at IDE, not only to ensure the interface between softgoods and hardgoods, but also to create the concept of the case itself, which IDE executed very nicely.
If you like what you see – and why wouldn’t you?! – help Justis make his product dream a reality. As I got to know him, I quickly realized that he is smart and a hard worker. I am confident he will see this project through, with a little help – maybe yours. Click on the image below to check out his Kickstarter page.
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