The Curve builds upon the same concept as the Fuel shoe by combining essential protection and street fashion. A number of diverse construction strategies were studied to solve the unique set of problems a motorcycle riding shoe presents, primarily protection of the user, compatibility with controls, and commercial good looks.

Research was conducted into all manner of footwear to find existing solutions. Brainstorming led to the invention of more, and rapid sketching helped find solutions to integrate various strategies. We considered zipper closures with elastic, Velcro straps at the throat, double tongues sandwiching the laces, various panelling arangements, as well as the tried and true laces with a Velcro ankle strap.

With the desire to bring the first true women’s casual riding shoe on the market, we chose a more conventional system to meet the goal of creating a stealthier design - one that wouldn’t mark you as a rider when off the bike. We employed speed laces with a leather protector at the throat for contact with the shifter and a Velcro cinch strap at the ankle for greater security. We used a double-lasted style for a feminine look as well as safety - the upper is bonded to both the outsole and midsole. Lateral ankle protection is provided by an internal plastic disc.
The The Curve Street Shoe was designed to be a revolutionary women’s product that combines safety and all day comfort with inconspicuous good looks.It features internal lateral ankle protection, a Velcro cinch strap to protect laces and provide a secure fit and a reinforced midsole to evenly distribute pressure from the pegs. A partially exposed TPU heel counter further communicates the protection story.
Initially many form factors were studied, but customer feedback showed a strong preference for a lower profile shoe that looked as inconspicuous as possible yet still covered the malleolus (ankle bone). Various closure methods were studied, however the best way to maintain a "normal" appearance and a secure closure was the tried and tested speed lacing system with a Velcro ankle cinch strap. The strap simultaneously secures the shoe while covering the laces, protecting them from getting hung up on the bike's foot controls. To give the appearance of a low top athletic shoe while still covering the ankle, I chose a split-lasted sole. This gives the appearance of more of a heel than actually exists. The heel sits deep in the midsole yet the profile suggests otherwise.
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