Clothing-integrated medical-grade biometric monitoring is now available to everyone.
The specialized apparel uses strategically placed ECG, Respiration, and Physical Activity sensors to pick up signals from the body. The recording module transmits the signal to the user's smartphone in real time. The context-based data is sent to the Cloud to be further analyzed using advanced algorithms and AI.
The opportunity to create both the module and the clothing was an exciting one. There were many possibilities to explore in terms of both the module's non-gender specific form and the construction of the clothing. Making them work together symbiotically was a goal worth working toward. After looking at such techniques as clips, zipper pulls, pouches, and more, the best solution in my mind was creating an area of tension within the garment to secure the module around an undercut in its case. By designing a unique shape that works with the body and the garment and revealing just a bit of the module, it can become a special and desirable feature indicating a healthy lifestyle rather than taking on the look of a medical device. This form also allowed the module to be transferred from garment to garment through a clever integration of its shape. 
Ultimately the client went the route of the black box, but not due to a lack of excellent options.
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