Although standard in it’s application, the mouthpiece has an inset appearance that allows for greater graphic coverage at the chin bar. It i highly vented, which allows for maximum air flow to the rider. Air enters large vents, travels through integrated channels in the shell, tumbles through openings in the comfort liner, and is extracted through two pair of exhaust vents in low pressure zones.
2D illustrations with numerous cross sections were created, then passed to the vendor to generate 3D models. Those were in turn reviewed and updated to meet design intent. From there mock ups were machined and sent to me for review. I modified those mockups by hand, adding material or subtracting where necessary to achieve the desired affect. After two rounds, the model was digitized and tooling was created.

This is a small collection of the sketches created to study the various parts and their integration with one another.
Airflow is a key feature to motocross helmets. Keeping the rider cool improves is performance. To that end, much inspiration was drawn from automobiles and their intake and exhaust vents.
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