Ulterior Moto
My most personal project yet, Ulterior Moto is my own business, chronicling the culture of motorcycling in a way that is approachable for novices while being valuable for experienced riders as well. Playing off the phrase "ulterior motive", the brand seeks to look beyond the obvious to see motorcyclists for who they are, not for the lazy stereotypes of pirates and Power Rangers portrayed by the media.
Logo Variations
The Ulterior symbol has both vertical and horizontal lockups with the logotype, an outline version, and a flexible color palette. Colors consist of black, red, gray, and warm gray. In all color applications, the "u" has the greatest contrast with the background so it is read first. The "m" and logotype are the second reads. Triangular "folds" give each letter depth and provide movement to keep the eye bouncing back and forth across the symbol. The logotype typeface is custom made from the ground up.
Flexible color palette
Outline variations
Digital Media
A cornerstone of the brand is explainer and interview videos showcasing the clothing and bikes that define the culture. All videos feature a cover image with monotone backgrounds featuring either a color sampled from the foreground or Ulterior Dark Red.
Videos are featured content on the website and play a prominent role in conveying information, but they can only do so much. More detailed information is presented in text and photos for each featured article on the site. Featured card images for each post are similar to the video cover images with reduced branding.
The Ulterior Moto custom racing leathers will help, along with the bike to promote the brand to track day enthusiasts. The racier black/red/white portion of the color palette is used in this type of environment.
Based on a template provided by Bison, Ulterior leathers will be custom made
Ulterior Moto track bike in action
Business cards use the flexible color palette described earlier. Elements are subdued and undersized so as not to be overt in character.
Business cards
Ford Transit Connect company vehicle design
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