The Vendetta 3 helmet began life as a Shift Racing product which was later licensed to Seven Zero Seven. The project was a joint effort between Jeff Sasaki and myself. Along with much of the Shift Racing product creation staff, we benchmarked a wide variety of helmets on the market to create the best possible value proposition. Jeff took the brand direction established by my earlier Riot and Composite MX helmets and transferred many of those details to a street helmet design that would carry forward the established Shift design language. From there we worked on refining the details and working with the vendor to create the product design seen here.
It is unusual for a motorcycle product to have a shelf life much beyond four years, however as of 2018 this helmet is still on the market and continues to be a strong seller eight years after its design. Since its stint at Seven Zero Seven, the helmet has been licensed to Fly Racing where it is known as the Revolt. This version, sold without the internal dark shield, retails for $149.99 and enjoys a 4.5 star user rating on Revzilla.
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