When They Win You Win
Word of mouth is simply a fantastic way to acquire new clients and this was the case for the When They Win You Win brand identity. Author/speaker/advisor Russ Laraway was impressed with the work I did for his wife's Board Babies business and contacted me to help him create the visual identity of his latest venture.
Logotype Studies
To say the word combination is a challenge would be understated. The shortness of the words did make it difficult to establish a typographic flow. That said, it did pose an opportunity for exactly how the words would be arranged. The first batch of concepts are shown below.
Concepts traded on those from Russ's book, using themes of personal triumph and the feedback loop, and investigating ways to arrange the typography. Narrow letterforms in all caps produced the best results. The third concept shown led the way to the final logo seen earlier—a more precise illustration of the concept that would emerge as a theme throughout the various media used for print, web, and presentations.
Russ is a very engaging speaker and often uses humor to connect with his audience. He tells me people like his "No Assclown Managers" mantra so much he should merchandise it. At this point in the presentation he unbuttons his shirt to reveal this image on the tee beneath it.
No Assclowns, this illustration is what convinced Russ to expand the project into a full blown visual identity.
For use in presentations and on the website, this animation was created to illustrate Russ's most critical management concept. This is featured in his presentations as well as on his website which I also designed.
The 3ER management concept animated
Social media banner
Slide presentation background
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